Your Smartphone Could Be Making You Less Smart

Your Smartphone Could Be Making You Less Smart

Find out if your smartphone has been decreasing your brain power.

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We see them first thing in the mornings, bring them with us to work and they accompany us way past our bedtimes. As the bearer of an insane amount of data, it’s honestly pretty hard to go by without our trusty mobile phones. They make our lives so easy! Our smartphone is our go-to for reminders, emails, news, communication and even entertainment. So we technically miss out on a lot if we don’t use our smartphones for a day. But what are the smartphones making us miss out on?

An alarming study by The University of Texas revealed that the mere presence of your smartphone could be significantly reducing your cognitive capabilities. That means although you are not using your phone, the fact that it is beside you on your work desk could be seriously affecting your cognitive functions. This includes how you perceive, judge and reason with the task at hand.

Assistant Professor Adrian Ward required 800 smartphone users to take a series of cognitive tests on a computer. Some participants placed their phones next to them on the desk, in their pockets or in another room. The objective of it was to find out how well people can complete their tasks in relation to the location of their smartphones.

The results revealed that participants who placed their phones in another room scored significantly higher on the tests than those who had their phones with them on the desk. The team concluded that although you are not actively thinking about or using your phone, the presence of it near you is a significant factor that could be decreasing your brain power.

The solution? Place your phone in another room so that it’s out of reach. This will make you perform much better than if you had your phone right in front of you. If you’re at work, place it at the far side of your desk or in a drawer so that you won’t see where it is- just as long as it isn’t within your sight! Try this and you might be pleased to see yourself completing your tasks much better and faster.

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