Star Wars: 6 Workouts That Make You Feel Like a True Jedi

Star Wars: 6 Workouts That Make You Feel Like a True Jedi

The force will be strong with you. By Dawn Chen 

Watching Star Wars as a kid, I’ve always wanted to be as agile, powerful and strong as a Jedi. I mean, who doesn’t want to wield a lightsaber and use the force to ‘fly’ and manipulate objects? 

But even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, you could still benefit from some Jedi training. Jedi are extremely fit, and you can be too. Here are the workouts to try if you want to channel your inner Jedi. 

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As a Jedi, you’ll need grace, agility and strength to evade attacks and leap away from danger. Make calisthenics one of your core workouts so you learn to fully utilise and control your body. You’ll do exercises focused on helping you achieve strength, balance and flexibility – think push-ups, pull-ups, and even handstands.

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Beyond just training your flexibility and strength, yoga also has a big focus on calming one’s mind and improving concentration. These are important traits to a Jedi, and will also teach you to let go of fears and distractions. 


Jedi use the Force to leap over great distances, and you can experience the same adrenaline rush during a trampoline workout. Jump high and feel the burst of power every time you rebound. With proper training, you’ll soon be able to do somersaults and twists in the air as well.  

Mixed martial arts (MMA)

Beyond just relying on lightsabers, Jedi are also skilled fighters when it comes to unarmed combat. MMA combines different techniques and disciplines from a mix of traditional martial arts like muay thai, tae kwon do and judo. Besides sparring, you’ll also learn the values of respect, humility and patience – all of which contribute to making you a stronger and more mature Jedi.

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Bodyweight exercises

Don’t scoff at those squats, burpees, planks or mountain climbers. Practise these bodyweight moves to improve your overall fitness and endurance. Jedi battles can be long and drawn-out, and you’ll need the strength and stamina to outlast your opponents. Or, you know, you could also focus on challenging yourself and smashing your own personal bests. (Also Read: 9 Bodyweight Exercises You Should Be Doing) 


This is the ultimate in Jedi training as you’ll actually get to use combat sabers during the session. It’s a workout created by two Singaporean Star Wars fans and combines cardio, core movements and plyometrics. You can expect to complete over 1,000 saber strikes and burn roughly 600 calories during the one-hour class. Find out more about it here. 

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