Rules of Sports Bra Shopping Every Woman Should Know

Rules of Sports Bra Shopping Every Woman Should Know

Give your girls the support they need when you’re sweating it out.

Photo: Triumph

 Hands down, your sports bras are the most important pieces of clothing in your workout wardrobe. Those that are too tight can cause chaffing, while bras that are too loose will leave your assets unsupported.

Your boobs move up and down and side to side while you exercise. Want to ensure that they don’t sag over time? That’s where a good-fitting sports bra comes in; it can decrease the movement by about half, so the right fit is essential.

Follow these tips so that you’ll be spot on when buying your next one.

Look for sports bras that encapsulate each breast in a separate chamber. They reduce bounce and provide better support than simple shelf bras. Your boobs should be covered, without bulges or gaps at the top or sides.

Choose bras that come in cup and band sizes rather than small, medium, large and so forth, as these fit more accurately. The fit will be even more customised if the straps are adjustable and there are back hook closures.

Pick bras made of high-performance fabrics that wick away sweat to minimise discomfort. The last thing you want is to feel icky and wet in the chest area during your workout.

Invest in a variety of bras. You need a higher-impact bra for activities like running and skipping, and lower-impact bras for workouts like yoga and pilates.

Now that you know the rules, where do you go from here?

Triumph is a good place to start shopping. Its Triaction sports bra range fits all these rules to a tee. What’s more, the collection has also been tested and is bounce-control certified by the University of Portsmouth’s world renowed Research Group in Breast Health. The secret lies in the Dynamic Lite with 3D Powertech material, which fuses three innovative fabrics in one.

The Triaction range is divided into two smaller collections. Go for the Cardio collection if you often do high-intensity exercises, or pick from the Studio collection if toning workouts are more up your alley. Both the Cardio and Studio collections offer wired and non-wired options. There are also lighted padded and push-up versions of the sports bras.

And if you love matching your sports bras with your bottoms, then you have to get Triumph Triaction’s Fit-ster Short. Made of stretchy, breathable compression fabric, the shorts complement the bras perfectly. We love how stylish they look!

Prices range from $89.90 to $99.90 for a sports bra, and $69.90 for a pair of shorts. Visit or go down to a Triumph store and get fitted by a professional fit expert today.