How To Treat And Prevent Dry, Cracked Hands

How To Treat And Prevent Dry, Cracked Hands

It’s time to pamper your hands and give them a good treat.

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Although our hands are probably one of the body parts we use most, they are probably the part we neglect when it comes to skincare. Sitting in an air-conditioned area for most of your day can be damaging to your hands. Use these simple hacks to keep your hands soft and smooth.

  1. Avoid the hand dryer

Using the hand dryer each time you visit the toilet can rip your hands of their moisture thoroughly. Try using napkins or hand towels to dry your hands instead.

  1. Moisturise regularly

By regularly, we mean each time you wash your hands. Every time you wish your hands, the moisture on your hands is washed off too. So after washing and drying, immediately apply another layer of moisturiser to prevent drying.

  1. Use a hand mask

Who says only our faces need masks? Your hands deserve a treat for working so hard too! Try out Kocostar’s Hand Moisture Pack ($7), which is packed with rich moisturising ingredients to give you a spa-like treatment. Plus the gloves are made of a special material that allows you to swipe through your phone while waiting.

How to treat and prevent dry, cracked hands

Kocostar Hand Moisture Pack
Photo: Kocostar

  1. Steer clear of hand sanitisers

Most hand sanitisers contain alcohol, which can cause dryness and even skin irritations if used often. If possible, try washing your hands at a nearby tap instead.

  1. Apply oatmeal

Oatmeal is great for exfoliating and moisturising your hands. Mix in some water and honey before applying onto your hands. Leave it on for a good 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off.

  1. Exfoliate

The part of our body that we often neglect when moisturising is our hands. Make your own scrub simply by mixing sugar with coconut or olive oil with a dash of honey. It’ll get rid of your dead skin and leave you with soft, radiant hands.

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